Family Science Review, Volume. 19, Issue 1

2 014


1 . Gatekeeping in Family Science Programs
Leslie A. Koepke and Amanda E. Barnett
3 . Portfolios in Family Science: A Template for Integrating Family Life Education
Yolanda T. Mitchell, Jaimee L. Hartenstein, Melinda Stafford Markham and Donte L. Bernard
5 . Assessing the Effectiveness of a Start-to-Finish Instructional Model in Preparing Human Services and Extension Educators
Victor William Harris, Tiffany Morrow, Daniel Moen, Boyd Teemant and Muthusami Kumaran
6 . Explicit Reference to Theory: A Content Analysis of Two Prominent Human Development Journals
Bridget A. Walsh, Melissa M. Burnham, Cassie Pasley, and Robyn B. Maitoza