Family Science Review, Volume. 14, Issue 1

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1 . The Bumpy Road off TANF for Rural Mothers
Mary Jo Katras, Elizabeth M. Dolan, Sharon B. Seiling, and Bonnie Braun
2 . Computers in the Family Context: Perceived Impact on Family Time and Relationships
Jane D. Lanigan, Mary Bold, and Lillian Chenoweth
3 . Adolescent Sexual Competence: A Paradigm Shift
Adolescent Sexual Competence: A Paradigm Shift 33 Kevin Gross
5 . Relationship Dissolution and Romance and Mate Selection Myths
Jacob Priest, Misty Burnett, Rachel Thompson, Anne Vogel, and Paul L. Schvaneveldt

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

8 . Teaching Relationship Concepts Using Media Clips
Rebecca A. Adams and Scott S. Hall

Academic and Professional Issues

Book Reviews