Family Science Review, Volume. 13, Issue 3

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6 . Promoting Cultural Awareness in Educational Settings
Carol Anderson Darling, Sally Hansen-Gandy,& Bonnie B. Greenwood
8 . Expanding Choices for Underserved Adolescents: A Resource Program for Family Life Education
BarbaraH . Settles,C arolyn Grasse-Bachman, and Marv Lou Liprie
14 . Forces That Shape Rural and Urban Life in Costa Rica - 2 files
Regina George-Bowden & Norma J. Burgess
18 . Building Strong Families
Beverly A. Schroeder & Pamela Boyce
19 . Community Coalitions: A Longitudinal Study of a Statewide Model
Georgia L. Stevens & Kathleen A. Lodl
20 . Developing Community and Peer Support for Young Parents: Process and Outcome Evaluation Inputs in Intervention Programs
Barbara H. Settles. James Earl Davis. Carolyn Grasse-Bachman,K athy A. Janvier, & Scott R. Rosas

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