Family Science Review, Volume. 1, Issue 2

1 988


1 . What is Family Science?
NCFR Task Force on the Development of a Family Discipline
3 . Families Wider Than Kin or Marriage
Teresa D. Marciano
4 . Beginning the Evaluation of Family Science Programs
Wesley R. Burr, Jay D. Schvaneveldt, George Roleder, and Christina Marshall


6 . Research Bias in Family Science: Sentiment Over Reason
Patrick C. McKenry and Sharon J. Price


7 . Rationale for Publishing Family Science Review
Ad-Hoc Family Discipline Section Publication Committee
8 . Consider a Career in Public Policy
Pamela A. Monroe
9 . A University Family Science Department Manages a Private Agency
William H. Meredith, Larry D. Kallemeyn, and Pauline D. Zeece