Family Science Review, Volume. 1, Issue 1

1 987


1 . Olson’s Circumplex Model: A Review and Extension
Wesley R. Burr and Timothy A. Lowe
2 . Coping as a concept in Family Theory
Patricia A.H. Dyk and Jay D. Schvaneveldt

Special Topic: Defining and Evaluating the Field

4 . A Recommendation About the Identity of the Family Discipline
Task Force #5 on the Development of a Family Discipline
5 . Family Research in the 1980’s
William H. Meredith, Douglas A. Abbott, and Mary Ann Lamanna
6 . Professional Networks and Hiring Patterns at Top-Rated Family Science Programs
Randal D. Day, Gary W. Peterson, and George T. Roleder


7 . Policy Statement
Randal D. Day