Teaching Family Science Conference





The Family Science Association is announcing the 

2017 Family Science Association 

Teaching Family Science Conference

Paradise Island, Bahamas ● June 12-13, 2017
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Family Science

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is the “systematic study of teaching and learning using established or validated criteria of scholarship to understand how teaching (beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and values) can maximize learning, and/or develop a more accurate understanding of learning resulting in products that are publically shared for critique and use by an appropriate community.” (Potter & Kustra, 2011, p. 2)

Call for Proposals: Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your favorite classroom activities, assignments, or experiential learning projects? It’s time to intentionally study your teaching practices and student learning outcomes! Examine some of your favorite learning strategies and share your results with a group of family science scholars eager to be better teachers themselves. For this conference, we’d like faculty to not only share innovative teaching strategies, but to also research their effectiveness in meeting desired learning outcomes. What skills, knowledge or beliefs were developed as a result of the practice? How are our students better prepared to become family science professionals as a result of the activity? Submit a 2-page summary of your presentation proposal by January 15, 2017 to Dr. Erin Boyd-Soisson at eboyd@messiah.edu.
Student Proposals: Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to submit proposals for poster presentations on their favorite or most meaningful classroom experiences. Student proposals should start with a brief introduction (the course in which the activity/assignment took place, how it might fit within the literature). Students could delineate the educational objectives for the activity/assignment. Then, they might explain the logistics of the activity/assignment so that others could replicate it. Finally, they should delineate why they appreciated the activity/assignment and what made it an effective learning experience for them. That might include how they see the experience adding to their repertoire of professional skills/knowledge. If they have photos, students could include these.
Conference Cost: Early registration (before March 1, 2017) is $190 (US) for members, $250 for non-members. Registration includes two lunches and one dinner.

Click here for a pdf version of the Call for Proposals 


If you have questions, please contact: Raeann Hamon rhamon@messiah.edu or Erin F. Boyd-Soisson eboyd@messiah.edu